Human Bodies

by Human Bodies

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Human Bodies is:
Abe Sanjakdar
Greg O'Toole
Andrew Di Battista
Matthew Fraser-Dooks
Katie Di Battista
Adam Silva


released January 30, 2014

Written by Human Bodies
Recorded at Candle Studio and Rouge Valley Studio.
Recorded by Josh Korody, Seb Shinwell, Max Fruchtman and Human Bodies.
Mixed by Adam Silva, Max Fruchtman and Craig Saltz
Mastered by Aleks Nigh

Original Photograph by Neal Fraser



all rights reserved


Human Bodies Toronto, Ontario

Based out of Toronto, Human Bodies is a collective of multi-instrumentalist rockers who deliver a balance of expansive sound, deep harmonies and melodic hooks. With members originating from all ends of the country, Human Bodies amalgamate their favorite sounds from pop, ambient and progressive music to create an emotive and expressive wall of sound. ... more


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Track Name: B & E
Out of our heads is where we decided to go
And now, we're on our way
Embrace us, with open arms
We'll surrender, we'll go

Out of our heads
We're out of our heads
Track Name: Twist
You say you think of me everyday
I know, but only cause you told me so
It's time to see if you're truly mine
eyes, eyes, eyes

Lies make your smile appear to be so fake
Still, too, im wondering just how you
Twisted every little word I said
Why, why, why does

Everybody, everybody, everybody do the twist

Now you don't know what to do
When I look you in the eye
I tried but got lost in all the lies
Why, why, why does

Everybody, everybody, everybody do the twist
Track Name: Breathe
It's 11:30 in the morning before we decide to wake
We dream in colour so vivid, I don't know how much I can take
Now the lines have gotten blurry between what's real and what is fake
Start positions everyone, it's time to face the day

We didn't give it much of a chance to breathe

There's something on the horizon that kind of looks like change
but just as we make a break for it we're held by balls and chains
Just as soon as he could say it, his words would turn to dust
He made believers out of progress, he had a moustache I could trust

We didn't give it much of a chance to breathe

Now we've got four more years, now we've got Ford for years, now we've got four more years of them taking our safe lanes and leaving us danger

Now we've gone back two steps, now we've gone back ten steps, now we've gone back two steps. What a promising future that just slipped away.
Track Name: Bus
There were fifteen people sitting on a bus
Ten of them were them and five were us
We sat and read our books so patiently
Until the man in red looked at me

Now we've started a chain reaction

He began to approach so I looked away
How he knew my name I could not say
He touched me on the shoulder and I shook
The five of us let go of the book

Now we've started a chain reaction

There were fifteen people sitting on a bus
We thought that they were them but they were us
Now we've paid our fare
The bus, the books, the people weren't there

Now we've started a chain reaction

We were on a bus.
Track Name: Rash
Hey two-wheeler what are you looking at?
Making me late, can't you stay on the path?
Can you and me agree to disagree?
Let me through or you're gonna need a body cast

Let me drive
Get me out of here

Hey speed-racer what are you racing for?
Saving precious seconds and you just gotta save more
You speed and weave and take it out on me
I still fly by your passenger side door

Let me ride
Get me out of here
Track Name: Evacuate
It's never too late to try something new
The longer you wait, the sooner you'll die
So swallow your pride, nobody really cares what you do

Clearing out old emotion, shedding it out to be new again
It's cleaning the soul to be out of your own
Feeling so light, you'll never come down

We live in a world, you can't get ahead
So we keep on banging our heads
And we've civilized, only another way to say
Money wins
And it wins

We must evacuate.
Track Name: Waste
My whole life I've been wasting time
In your eyes I see pain, I see paradise

My whole life, I've seen shapes, seen them in my mind
And if we drown, it's ok.

My whole life, i've been wasting time
When I inhale, when I exhale